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50 Years German-Israeli Diplomatic Relations

In mid of May the Friedrich Naumann Foundation hosted a group of seven Israeli political activists in Berlin on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of German-Israeli diplomatic relations. The delegation consisted of party activists, heads of district branches and members of the youth organization, the HaTnua Party. More to '50 Years German-Israeli Diplomatic Relations'

Lessons from German Federalism for Korea

For the still divided Korea, the development of Germany after the reunification is of great interest. The South-Korean delegation were quite surprised when learning of Germany’s unique financial equalization scheme between the "Länder". More to 'Lessons from German Federalism for Korea'

Companies have to take human rights serious

"Multinational corporations have to take responsibility for human rights violations in their production chain," says Markus Löning, Vice-President of Liberal International at a panel discussion on business and human rights, organized by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. More to 'Companies have to take human rights serious'

South Africa's Agreement With Russia for Nuclear Power

South Africa signed a partnership agreement with Russia’s state-owned nuclear company that may see Rosatom Corp. build reactors in Africa’s second-biggest economy. Interview with Lance Greyling, MP (Democratic Alliance) on the „Nuclear Deal“. More to 'South Africa's Agreement With Russia for Nuclear Power'

Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 12 October Bosnians will elect in General Elections their representatives for State-, entity-, and in the FBiH cantonal-level legislatures. Voters will also cast their ballots for the Presidency of BiH and the President of the Republika Srpska (RS). More to 'Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina'

The Philippines’ liberal President enters his final two years

President Aquino was statesman-like in this year’s State of the Nation Address. There are hopes for legislation on freedom of information, on competition and against dynasties in politics. The next two years will be crucial for the legacy of the liberal administration. More to 'The Philippines’ liberal President enters his final two years'

International Human Rights activities of the Foundation

For the first time our activities are now summarized in a brochure. For more than 50 years, the promotion and enforcement of human rights are fundamental components of the international activities of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. More to 'International Human Rights activities of the Foundation'

Seminar on sustainable urban planning in Pyongyang

50 North Korean architects, scholars, and officials from the Ministry of City Management took part in a lecture in Pyongyang. Professor Lutz Katzschner of University Kassel spoke about sustainable, ecological urban planning in Germany. More to 'Seminar on sustainable urban planning in Pyongyang'

Is legal assisted suicide a liberal concept?

German Minister of Health, Herrmann Gröhe, has recently demanded that all forms of suicide assistance should become punishable under criminal law. Today helping other people to commit suicide if they have a serious medical condition is not punishable in general. More to 'Is legal assisted suicide a liberal concept?'

Stop the fear!

Experts agreed on the urgent need for a reform of the European refugee and asylum policy. During the event “Refugee and Asylum Policy in Germany and Europe - Area of freedom or closed society?" it became clear that anxieties are blocking a discussion about how to handle the demographic process through migration. More to 'Stop the fear!'
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