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Our Team

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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom works in Germany and abroad. Our activities in other countries are part of the foreign development and cooperation policy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Freedom, as a fundamental value, is the basis of our work. Through our projects we contribute to a world in which all people can live in freedom, human dignity and peace. Together with our partners - liberal political parties, think tanks and other non-governmental organisations - we support the emergence of democratic institutions based on the rule of law, and the development of a market economy. By promoting well proven liberal concepts we also contribute to increasing people‘s opportunities to work for their own prosperity. Development policies are not a one-way street. We engage in open dialogue and introduce the success stories of our project countries into the German political discussion.

Today the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has seven regional offices, 44 project offices and over 60 project countries worldwide. More than 250 highly committed employees are putting into practice a hundred individual projects in their respective regions.

Our work is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, the German Foreign Office and, increasingly, from the European Union and other development aid policy bodies.
Publications International Work

Please have a look at our publications published by the Liberal Institute in English language: Concepts of Liberty, Occasional Papers, Ideas on Liberty, Liberal Thinkers, Liberal Report. You can download Policy Papers concerning the regions we work in: Central, South East and East Europe (engl.) and in German language for Africa, Mediterranean countries, Latin America, South Asia, Southeast and East Asia, European Institutions and North America.


Overview: All publications in English language